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I Bring Music To Life!

Recording ~ Mixing ~ Mastering
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I offer full-fledged recording services.  Whether you're recording a vocal group,  solo voice and instrument, or a full band we have you covered.


If you have tracks already recorded or you record with me, I will give you a mix that will make you wonder if that really is your song.

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I will give you a master that meets today's standards and will work cohesively with any listening devices of today. 

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     Sonic Glory Studio is here to bring your musical dreams to life.  Whether you're recording in my studio or utilizing my mixing and mastering services, my main focus is to give you the best experience in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere while working toward making your songs a reality.

    "I first learned to record music in the early '90s on a 4 track cassette recorder and then moved up to an 8-track recorder. I did not have all the tools to make a professional recording, but I learned many techniques to make my songs sound the best with what little I had.  In the process, it made me a better engineer and musician. In 2003 I made the jump to mixing and recording in the box. Now with the technology of today, I am able to record and release my own music and I want to use my skills and technology to help you achieve your musical dreams and together we will make that happen." 

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